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Day Nine

Good Bye CCT


Sophia is very sick. She stayed at the hotel with Belle while Trish, Fiona and Fliss went to do some last minute things. We purchased six soccer balls for the boys house, Fliss wanted to "find" a dress that she had seen at the markets and Fiona wanted to get a Cambodian Soccer Top for Will.

Fliss did not end up finding the dress she had seen earlier but found a different one, Cambodian soccer tops were like finding a needle in a hay stack!! Most of the people here support western teams so there is every country EXCEPT Cambodia!! We will try in Phnom Pehn.

Sophia still not feeling 100% , so her and Trish stayed at hotel to pack up while the rest of us went to say goodbye.

First stop was CCT Shop we sorted out some bits and pieces with Erin and Marnie and then Erin came with us. We went to the boys house and gave them 5 soccer balls and the house mother some jewellery which she loved. Next stop wsas the girls house , a few tears, lots of hugs and gifts given out. The Lucky Seven mother was in the shower but came out and was very excited to receive some jewellery form us. We collected out things from the Hotel and then went round to CCT. They had all been busy making bracelets for us and were tying them on us all. Roua came back from school to say good bye which was very nice. Jedtha came to say goodbye also and thanked us for everything we do for CCT. He is such a lovely man calm and gentle. He also gave us his email address so we can keep in touch. Rouet house Mummy put her jewellery on. We had lots of photos taken. We all tried REALLY hard not to cry, Fiona was the only sooky la la and made her nose bleed!! We boarded our van and set off for Phnom Pehn and Sinet!!

The almost five hour drive went quite quickly as there is so much to see along the way. It was dark when we got to PP. Our driver was speaking to Sinet on the phone and after another hour of driving around trying to find her, we stopped and she found us on the back of a motorbike. It was so funny watching her go mad at the van driver we were all laughing so much at her...... much to her disgust!!! She directed us to her house where she wanted us to stay. We decided to stay at a hotel and to our suprise it was the one we had stayed at on our first trip to Cambodia in 2008. AMAZING .... all the hotels in PP and Sinet chose the only one we had already stayed in.

We had dinner at the hotel which was very ordinary ..... Sinet could not even eat hers and thats saying something!! We were all exhausted and needed to sleep. Sinet would come to the hotel in the morning.

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Day Eight

Shopping with Jedtha

sunny 28 °C

Today we were off shopping for items for CCT with Jedtha. We met him at the CCT Shop and set off first to the markets to purchase toothpaste, tooth brushes, washing detergent. Next stop was a new TV for CCT. Although this is a extravegance we were very pleased to make this purchase. The old TV would cut out during a movie and also needed a tooth brush pushed into it to turn up the volume. Very dangerous. The CCT are only allowed to watch TV on Sundays after all their jobs are done for a treat and sometimes to watch an educational programme. Next stop was to buy 20 blankets to hand out to the street kids that come into the CCT shop for lessons. The nights are quite cool at the moment and these kids have to find shelter and a safe place to sleep.

We had asked Jedtha if we could go and show our respects for little Jendar. He arranged some food for us to present to the Monks as an offering and we collected this on the way to the Temple.

We knelt in front of the Monk and presented our gifts to him. The chanting was lovely and although we did not understand anything we did hear Jendars name mentioned a few times! Trish and Fiona had a few tears. A special moment.

Jedtha took us round to CCT and we set up the Totem Tennis and gave the kids a few vortexes. It was rather hard to find a soft bit of ground to push the totem tennis's into!! We played with the kids for awhile and then went to the CCT Shop to hand out the blankets to the street kids. We left the TV Man installing the new TV.

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Day Seven



Today we hired a Tuk Tuk and together with the trusty Buffalo and a few of the girls from the big girls house we headed off for the Banan Temples and Caves.

Fiona felt a little ill not sure if it was Tuk Tuk sick or sick sick!!

We went to visit the Banan Family who CCT have been helping for a short time. The step father was abusing the girls and was arrested on Christmas Day and is now in jail where he belongs! This family were delighted in the clothes and shoes we delivered.

We stood at the bottom of the 300 stairs and looked UP.... it was a long way and the steps were uneven and varying heights. We stopped many times to have a breather. We got fanned down by the Mother from the Banan Family and massaged/Karate Chopped all down the legs!!
Oh my gosh this was really taking it out of us!! Although Fliss and Sophia seemed to almost fly up with their long legs.

The view was pretty good at the top ... there was a fair bit of smog which seems to be worse than our last visits.

Fiona Fliss and Sinet went to sit down while the rest of us went to explore the cave. It was very cool in the cave. The guide explained that the Khmer Rouge had cemented one exit shut entrapping many Cambodians who were desperately trying to escape from them.

We took the girls to the White Rose and let them order what ever they liked. There were 11 of us and the bill was $35.
It is amazing at how much food these tiny girls can tuck away.

Next stop was to Taras house to say good bye.... notlooking forward to this.

Taras house is out of town a little and in a rice paddy area. It is a lovely house. Her four dogs were there to greet us and there was no way we were going to get in with out Tara being there!!

It has been so great seeing Tara.... she is doing some amazing things in Battambang. She says she will not take any more children but we do remember her saying this last time we were here!!

The children were putting a Apsara Dance Performance on for us. They are dressed in the Traditional costume which is made from beautiful silk. The colours are amazing. Considering they were not doing this 16 months ago they are very talented. It is very serious.

Sinet set off in a taxi for along trip back to PP.

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Day Six

Bamboo Train


Today Trish, Helen and Sophia set off to the Bamboo Train. We met a little boy named How who showed us the brick works and he spoke very good English. While travelling along the tracks they came across other traiuns comingfrom the other direction.... it is basically a face off ... the general rule is usually the train with the most on it stays on the track while the other has to disembark completely. Pity some Americans did not abide by the local rules.... I will pay to stay on here..... not really sure what they thought would happen if they did get off. It must be one of the most peaceful places in the world.. maybe just plain LAZY/RUDE??

Fliss and Fiona stayed at the hotel and Fliss slept most of the morning... a little unwell.

Late in the afternoon Tara, Erin and Marnie arrived to look at all the bits we had brought over. We packed it all up and decided to take it round to CCT to distribute. Just before we left there was a knock on the door and there was SINET!! We had not told Fliss and Sophia that she was coming up. The poor thing had suffered a six hour bus trip up from Phnom Pehn and was very tired.

We went to the Drink Shop and brought some treats can cordial, bar of chocolate and a few other things for each of the kids. There was a 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam on the counter for $65 ..... Tara said its probably metho and tea!! Tara also took us to an electronics shop to buy Sinet a new English/Khmer Dictionary which is very helpful for her studies. Her old one had broken. She was very excited when we gave it to her.

At CCT two huge tarps were spread out and we set up the clothes in girls and boys and then sizes. Two at a time they came out and were given a bag with the treats in it and a few clothes. It was fun and the kids dressed up in their new gear.

When Trish and Fiona are going thru the clothes for Juey Bazaar we often pick something up and say this reminds me of .... so we keep it aside. Tara chose the same clothes for the same kids we had!!! Three items in particular spiderman mask - Hai, Suit - Heang and leather jacket for Hing - they looked groovy!!

Another great day.

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Day 5

Lazy Day


Today was pretty quiet... we checked out the markets and found the ATM all by ourselves!! YAY.

Went to the CCT Shop. Girls went for a swim while we had a foot massage .... nice!!

Tara very busy with radio interviews. Nice to have a rest day anyway!!

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